Monday, June 22, 2009

We are one step closer!

Hey guys,

Long enuf since the last update kan. Sorry, but klassik komities been bz preparing the event yang dah dekat sangat rasa nye nih! Cuma minggu depan saja! Baju dah ready ke??? Kasut dah ready ke?? Partner dah ready ke???


Ok juz nak remind. The date again is 27 June 2009. All confirmation has been made. Thanks for all support. Tanpa u guys, sure the event wont be a reality. Just only a week ahead, and there we are. Summit Hotel USJ menjadi saksi ikatan 10 years of friendship.

Other reminder, jangan datang lewat. Event will start as soon as 820pm. Datang awal & dont forget to register. Registration will entitled u to have a doorgift :) hehe

ANDDDD, for other good news, seatings are based on first come first served seating. So datang awal to "cop" ur seating. In other words, malam tu nanti FREE SEATING. Mana-mana boleh duduk. Jangan duduk bersila kat lantai je sudah. :)

So, thats was it. Amanat akhir for the day. If there any other update/news about the event, will sure to update here keyh!!

Klassik Komiti.

p/s: see u guys there!!!!!

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